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I LOVE TALL - fashion for tall people

Tall fashion for women and men who love to be tall.
In our online shop and in the store Hamburg and the pop-up stores in Switzerland (Zurich) we offer trendy fashion in tall sizes. Our long sizes have special cuts - completely adapted to the length of women over 1.80 meters and men over 1.95 meters.

"I love my height and it makes me happy when our customers discover a suitable, beautiful piece of clothing at I LOVE TALL." Annemarie Sickeler, founder of the label I LOVE TALL, has made her statement about her brand name. Launched in Zurich in 2012, I LOVE TALL has been offering you a generously designed store area with plenty of space to browse and try on clothes in the city of Hamburg since 2016.

We ship worldwide via the online shop

Welcome to I LOVE TALL!
Annemarie Sickeler & team