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Whether you're going for a classic or business look - you'll find the right trouser suit in long sizes here - with 36 inch and 38 inch inside leg lengths, you're covered!

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Tall Cropped Slim Fit Trousers, royal blue

Order cropped trousers in extra long for tall women at I LOVE TALL or buy them at the store in Hamburg. The trousers are fashionably shortened but still in a long size, so they are perfect for tall women.
€79.95 incl tax excluding shipping

Trousers jogging style jersey pique, light grey

Trousers jogging style jersey pique, light grey
€64.95 incl tax excluding shipping

Jersey blazer pique, light grey

Ladies Jersey Blazer Pique in long size - Tall size. - For more details see below.
€89.95 incl tax excluding shipping

Blazer jacket, black

Blazer jacket, black
€98.95 incl tax excluding shipping